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Keeping control

Will . . . not . . . attempt . . . to . . . jump . . . hot . . . girl.

Who has been #1 on my hotness list for quite some time, and is currently doing her psych homework right behind me in the Canaday lab, and is talking in her amazingly throaty, sexy voice, and is deliberately (I swear) wafting her subtle, tantalizing scent over this way in an attempt to turn me into a puddle of useless flesh on the floor.

And just passed right by me - aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Okay, okay, she wasn't looking. I think.

Anyway, I can't think. Here's a quiz to placate the masses - well, Amy anyway. The spelling on the quiz annoyed me, but I took it anyway. For obvious reasons.

Take the quiz here!
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