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. . . and she returns . . .


It's fall break, and my nervous breakdown is receding rapidly into unfond memory.

Love to prosicated - can we get together? I miss you so much (sending hugs). And our gay man store must be so lonely without us. I hope things got better for you, sweet.

I love this place when no one's here. It's kind of a complicated love, because I would like to share it with people, but it's also so cool to have it all (or mostly) to myself. Jen and I had a little BBC fest last night - this is also, I rediscovered, the only time when all the cool videotapes are in. I am proud to say that I am technically the reason that we now have a set of Simpsons tapes, including the ultra-rare 'Mr Lisa Goes to Washington' episode.

Current thesis topic: The relationship between history and the ghostly narrative in mid-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Britain

Working title: None worth typing

List of books: Includes short story collections by Le Fanu, James, and Dickens, perhaps to be followed by Blackwood. Need more historical context . . .
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